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www.antar.org.au is the website of Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation and is bursting with information and practical ideas

www.eyefood.com.au is the visual home of the multitalented Adelaide photographer-musician Andy Rasheed, who plays congas on belle curve. The site contains many of his sumptuous photographic images, and is truly food for the eyes.

www.gorgeousworld.net is the web hub of Andrea rieniets, who sings Accolades on Belle Curve. Andrea is an extraordinary songwriter, singer, musician and performer. You can read about, listen to or buy her music via this site.

www.inmedia.com.au is where the lovely chaps who designed this website hang out

www.scala.org.au is the web site for the Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Association Inc, based in Adelaide. SCALA organise weekly original music gigs as well as newsletters, competitions and recordings. Their on-line catalogue includes vicki bennett's previous single "If I Had A Sledgehammer". Vicki's songs also feature on SCALA compilation CD's "South Australia: A Sense of Place" and "Different Guises"



she’s finding treasure in a rubbish dump
he’s finding her enchanting
"Room For Us All" bennett/heath/eyers



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